Monday, June 28, 2010

South Tower Smoking Guns

This video narrates a collection of diverse phenomena in the debris cloud of the South Tower that point to explosive demolition. Particularly notable is one projectile (which I have not seen discussed previously) that is shooting to the east, then stops, midair, then turns a sharp corner and shoots straight down trailing white smoke. White smoke is characteristic of aluminum oxide which is a byproduct of the thermite reaction.

South Tower Smoking Guns

This is the destruction of the South Tower of the World Trade Center, viewed from a helicopter to the south. This particular video clip is rich in details that call the official story into question.

Ejections above impact point
Top section tilting, still intact
Notice the numerous explosions on the west side of the building above impact point.

As the top 30-floor section falls, it tips to the east. It starts off intact, but then it disintegrates in mid-air. Gravity alone could not cause the top section to disintegrate. When an object is in freefall, there are no internal stresses. It should have hit the ground in one piece, but it didn't.
Top section disintegrates

Projectile with white smoke trail
Some of the debris is clearly being accelerated by forces other than gravity. These effects can be caused by late-firing explosives, which can produce some white smoke trail. White smoke, consisting of aluminum oxide, is a byproduct of a thermite reaction.

Projectile changing directions
While producing this video, I ran across one rocket projectile I had not seen commented on before. This one stopped in midair and changed directions. Even taking perspective effects into account, this projectile lost one component of momentum and gained another. That requires an impulse. Note that the rocket trail those not point back to the building, but the point where the impulse occurred.

Let's take it from the top; there's a lot going on; watch for the smoking guns.

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